The way an aspect works in the chart is that it is the force behind the person. Your astrological signs in the Houses show your personality traits - the aspects are planetary and show what you do with your personality traits - how you act within your environment.

A Natal chart is a 360 degree circle, divided into twelve pieces, representing the twelve Houses. Each House is 30 degrees wide. An aspect occurs when one planet is within a certain number of degrees from another planet.

The major aspects which I discuss in a Natal reading are as follows:

  Conjunct - planets at zero degrees from each other - that is, right next to each other in a chart. This aspect can either be a positive or a negative one, depending on the planets in question.

  Square - planets at 90 degrees from each other in a chart. Known as a Hard Aspect, because this aspect usually represents some sort of imbalance which needs to be adjusted in dealing with your past vs. your future. Squares represent an issue which will come around again and again unless you learn to resolve it.

  Opposition - planets at 180 degrees from each other - that is - directly across or opposite the chart from each other. Also known as a Hard Aspect, generally representing an imbalance which needs to be addressed NOW. This is a conflict, a battle of one planet's qualities against another's in your chart. How you resolve the opposition and balance yourself again is up to you.

  Trine - planets at 120 degrees from each other in a chart. Known as a Soft Aspect, because it shows you what your ability and talent is - a Trine tells you it's okay to act on this, or Be a certain way.

  Sextile - planets at 60 degrees from each other in a chart. Also known as a Soft Aspect, a Sextile gives you the ability to shine, to accomplish your goals, and shows open doors. It's up to you to act on the information gifted to you by a Sextile aspect.

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