January, 2008

Looking for love this month, Virgo? Well you're in for a treat! You've got Venus, the goddess of love, in your 5th House, the House of love, children and creativity, from January 25th to February 17th! This Valentine's Day could be very special.
If you'd like to put a little more romance in your life, now is the time! Vacations, socializing, hobbies, pastimes, and taking a few risks here and there are some of the more likely concerns you will encounter during this transit. It's a great time to establish or improve relationships with children, strengthen rapport with a romantic partner, and expand social contacts. The negative potential includes the tendency to be too extravagant or overindulgent in your pursuit of pleasure. However, enhanced imagination and artistic urges that you may also experience under this influence can make it a time of successful creative endeavors, carried out on your own or as a joint effort with a partner.

Also in your 5th House this month is Jupiter, the good luck planet. Jupiter has been in your 5th House since December 19, 2007, and will remain there until January 5, 2009. Overindulgence is almost impossible to avoid unless you are particularly strong-willed or current circumstances impose the necessary restrictions. There is no guarantee of lottery-winning good fortune often expected as a consequence of this influence, however, you can expect increased desire to possess the good life, and the feeling that prosperity is within easy reach. As a result, you may purchase more luxury items, take more expensive vacations, and buy fancier or more expensive clothes. During this transit, your imagination and creativity increase, but to what end you apply them depends on your particular interests and circumstances at this time. You may, for example, be inspired to develop artistic talents as a hobby. If your work or career is of a creative nature, this can be a period of great success. Relationships and contacts with children may be greatly expanded. Romance can blossom, or in its wider application, can enhance the quality of your life in general. You are more willing to take risks, and for the most part, should emerge on the winning side of the chances you take.

Saturn, the planet of Karma, went retrograde in your 1st House - the House of Self and individuality, on December 20th. Saturn will remain here until May 3, 2008. Because this is a relatively long-term period, many other influences will occur that may either emphasize its effect or perhaps mask it temporarily. Other significant factors that will contribute to the way you react, and ultimately to the way things turn out, include your age, maturity, and your past experiences. This influence has as much to do with the past as it does to the present. It will force you to throw out what is wasteful and to abandon unsuccessful situations, replacing them with something more solid and useful. In the case of this particular period, it means you will be constantly confronted with yourself. The best way to understand this influence is to look in the mirror and ask yourself who it is you blame for your physical appearance, your personality, and your self-image. This analysis is as valid in the case of your having put too much emphasis on these things, as it is if you have neglected them. After you get through blaming childhood experiences and conditioning or whatever other people and situations come to mind, you arrive at the moment of truth; and that is that ultimately you are the one responsible. You are the one in charge of keeping your body fit and your appearance as attractive as possible. You are also the one responsible for your own behavior, attitudes, and reactions to responsibilities. You are the one who must seek to understand and correct a poor self-image as well as whatever other personal flaws you may think you have. The highest reward for correct actions during this transit is your emergence as a more mature, productive individual with a definite idea of what directions your personal growth must take now, and in the future. There is an additional warning; this influence can cause you to worry too much, not only about yourself but about everything else as well. To make matters worse, you are likely to be given extra responsibilities of one sort or another at this time. Be patient, dear Virgo, and take care of things, but keep a moderate attitude, or you'll spoil the real progress you can make during this period.

The Sun moved into Capricorn in your 5th House on December 23, 2007, and will remain there until January 20, 2008. You tend towards the more creative and flamboyant side when the Sun is in the 5th House. Mundane responsibilities can seem too tedious and uninspiring as you become more interested in fun and games than in taking care of business or other serious matters. Increased self-indulgence can make it hard to stay on a diet or to be moderate in your pursuit of other physical pleasures. Even if you are not usually self-indulgent, this is a time when your capacity for enjoyment increases. If you have children, you tend to regard them more as extensions of yourself than as individuals in their own right. Your tendency now is to view their actions, both good and bad, as being a direct reflection on you. Romantic encounters are apt to be more of an ego involvement than emotional commitment. If your creative projects are criticized or romance becomes difficult, your suffering is more likely to be caused from a bruised ego rather than a broken heart.

Retrograde Mars will enter your 11th House, the House, on January 2nd. This retrograde lasts until the end of January. The month of January therefore has potential to be problematic in the area of authority figures. Do try to keep your head and stay out of trouble, dear Virgo!
That said, the energy and enthusiasm of the present influence are directed primarily toward self-promotion. Career or other long range goals are emphasized, and you may be motivated to take important actions that will affect your future. You work hard to get attention from the public and those with power and influence. You may not necessarily desire to call attention to yourself, but the fact that you or your efforts will gain pubic attention one way or another is well within the realm of possibility during this time. Even if you have no access to a public forum, you may experience an increased urge to have others notice what you are doing. Your more or less public actions may be carried out on behalf of another person or a cause in which you believe. This is also a time when activities that involve superiors or authority figures increase. This means you may either do a lot of extra work with your boss, or for the government or those with similar authority. Largely because of your efforts, a male relative or superior may receive recognition or enhanced status at this time.

The New Moon on January 8th shows a struggle between your love life and your friends. Perhaps your friends have noticed you've become involved in a relationship, and so naturally you're spending more time with this special person. Your friends may feel slighted unless you balance out the time you spend with them and the time you spend with your sweetie. For the workaholic Virgo, remember to spend some quality time with your family, especially between January 6th and January 9th.

Mercury, the planet of communication, will move into your 6th House on January 9th. The 6th House is the House of work, health and diet. This transit is likely to focus on schedules and assignment of tasks and responsibilities related to your own work as well as to those who may work for or with you. Under this influence, your daily routine is filled with an increasing number of details, messages, and information. Whether or not your focus is on employment, you will or should be more concerned with organization, methods, and planning in general. Another potential concern may be gathering information about health and physical fitness or consultations with professionals in these areas.
Mercury will go retrograde by the end of the month, on January 29th, so be sure to take extra care of your health from January 29th through February 19th. If you are tired, rest and re-hydrate. If there are any legal contracts that need signing, you would do well to get this out of the way before January 20th, well ahead of the retrograde.

The Moon will be full on January 22nd, and anything you started back at the beginning of January has great potential to come to fruition now. The Full Moon occurs on the cusp of your 11th and 12th Houses - that is, the seeds sown in your love sector (the 5th House) now pay off in the 11th House - the House of friendship, networking, hopes and wishes, and the 12th House - the House of subconscious Mind, dreams and secrets.

Pluto makes his debut in your 5th House on January 26th and will stay for five months, until June 14th. Pluto is the planet of change, so expect some big changes during the first half of this year, especially with regard to your love life. This transit covers a period of many years. It carries much depth and power of transformation but because of the length of this duration, you will only witness evidence of it at certain times, usually during the months when it begins, and at various times when other circumstances and influences occur to trigger it. Much of what takes place will depend upon the appropriateness of your age, level of maturity, and past experiences. Naturally, the more you are aware of this powerful influence and its potential, the more you will understand and be able to use it to attain personal growth and other positive goals. The nature of this influence is an increased urge to seek ultimate control and a position of greater power in specific areas of your life. The target areas during this particular period include creative talents and the increasing need to develop and use them. If your creative talent has been wasted in the past, you must correct the situation. If your talents are currently being employed, you will (or should) seek to gain greater control over how, where, or by whom they are used. Children, as well as romantic partners, are other centers of your intense interest and concern. You have to avoid the destructive tendency to manipulate and control; to view your partners and/or children only as extensions of your own influence and identity. The positive approach to these relationships is to form more powerful bonds. Circumstances may force you to significantly change or even completely alter your attitude and behavior with regard to enjoying life and the pursuit of pleasure, especially if there has been abuse in the past. Giving enjoyment and pleasure their proper roles in your life and not being controlled by them-- either through hedonistic abandonment or misguided denial-- gives you at least one facet of the ultimate personal power you seek during this period.

Lastly, if you find yourself wondering why there's so many computer outages and glitches, and wondering if the world has hit an early Mercury retrograde, check it out: as of January 3, 2008, we've entered an eleven-year solar storm caused by erupting spots on the Sun. Giant blasts of solar energy will be bathing the Earth in its wake between 2008 and 2019, with peak activity in 2011 or 2012 according to's website.
These solar blasts are so strong that they can take down entire power grids, not to mention your cell phone connectivity. The plus side to such an event is that the aurora will be absolutely beautiful for those living far enough north to see the Northern Lights.

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