January, 2008

January is all about finances and personal belongings for you, Sagittarius! It seems that five planets are hanging out in your 2nd House, the House of money and possessions, meaning you will need to start paying serious attention to your spending habits as of yesterday.

Jupiter, the good luck planet, has been in your 2nd House since December 19, 2007, and will remain there until January 5, 2009. Despite Jupiter's reputation for bringing luck, this can be a tricky, even ruinous, period unless certain circumstances are allowed to prevail. Under this influence money is or becomes the source of pleasure, which is fine if you can afford to spend it. If this is not the case, restrictions must be rigorously applied to all purchases. The potential flow of expenditures may be distracted however, if you can make an enjoyable experience out of learning how to conserve and invest current assets, as well as finding ways to increase your income. You may experience an increased tendency to exaggerate your wealth or status to impress others-- a tendency that may tempt you to indulge in unnecessary purchases of luxury items and other status symbols. Other expenditures at this time are likely to involve higher education, political interests, religious or spiritual activities, travel, publishing, and cultural pursuits.

Saturn, the planet of Karma, went retrograde in your career sector on December 20th. Saturn will remain here until May 3, 2008. During this transit, you are likely to get what you have worked for; the recognition or increased status you deserve. However, what you gain will correspondingly be accompanied by additional responsibilities. Because this is a relatively long-term period, many other influences will occur that may either emphasize its effect or perhaps mask it temporarily. Other significant factors that will contribute to the way you react, and ultimately to the way things turn out, include your age, maturity, and your past experiences. This influence has as much to do with the past as it does to the present. It will force you to throw out what is wasteful and to abandon unsuccessful situations, replacing them with something more solid and useful. In the case of this particular period, if you have not established long-range goals or have gained any perception of what your ultimate destiny should be, circumstances will generate either the need or desire to take a more responsible attitude toward what you believe your direction in life should be in the future. Though you can and should seek the wisdom and guidance of others, letting them make decisions for you is a mistake. Nor should you be tempted to blame others for failure or wrong actions in the past. You may find consolation in doing so, but others will not allow you to cast blame except upon yourself. This is especially true if you have abused a position of trust or authority. Accepting the consequences of your own actions and taking charge of your own life, you can achieve a level of responsibility and maturity that places you on a higher level now, where true success and fulfillment are possible to attain.

The Sun moved into Capricorn in your money House on December 23, 2007, and will remain there until January 20, 2008. Right now, your willpower and ego are more likely concerned with money and material assets, as well as the type of lifestyle and personal status money and materialism can provide. During this transit, personal priorities and values may also take precedence. It is a period for making an honest assessment of what things are really important to you. The negative potentials you may experience this month include a tendency to overspend in an effort to project a certain image that will impress others. You may let yourself be tempted to use money or status as a wedge to elicit the cooperation or affection of others. Money may be lost because of false pride that won't let you back away from unwise expenditures. The positive potentials include financial gain, either through your own efforts or through the assistance of a parent, boss or other authority figure. Responding positively to the energy surrounding you during this period can give you more motivation to improve your income and personal status.

Retrograde Mars will enter your partnership House on January 2nd. This retrograde lasts until the end of January. Energy and enthusiasm during this transit centers around partnership and other alliances, cooperative efforts, and interaction with others in general. The inspiration you gain while in the company of others stimulates you to physical action. You may decide you don't need the outside help that Mars brings, or other factors may prevent you from taking advantage of partnership opportunities. However, there is every likelihood that getting things done will be more difficult to accomplish by yourself than it might be with a partner or partners. Even if you want to be left alone, other people will find a way to physically intrude, or current circumstances make it necessary for others to intrude. Under this influence, you are apt to find that in most situations, other people make the first move, leaving you to react. More than one open confrontation is apt to occur, but the potential itself does not necessarily indicate that such encounters will be hostile.

The New Moon on January 8th shows a struggle between your own finances and those tied to a relationship partner or business partner. During this transit, you may be less willing to share your assets. You may become quite possessive, and this will undoubtedly lead to arguments. To avoid such fighting, take time to sit down with your partner and go over the numbers to make sure you're both on the same page. How well you handle this transit has direct bearing on the Full Moon's energies in your house of joint finances towards the end of this month.

Mercury, the planet of communication, will move into your 3rd House on January 9th. How fortunate! The 3rd House is the House of communications and short-distance travel. Mercury is naturally the ruling planet of the 3rd House. You are no doubt going to be busier than usual during this period. Some of the more likely targets of your increased efforts include business projects (especially sales), contacts with siblings, correspondence, educational meetings, neighborhood activities, errands, or travel. Information and ideas are flowing during this time! Under this influence, your time and attention may also be taken up with such concerns as cars and other vehicles, computers, or mechanical and electrical equipment for home or office.
Don't get too comfy with this placement, however, because Mercury will go retrograde by the end of the month, on January 29th. This is sure to cause all sorts of communications upsets, so if there are any contracts or legal paperwork that need signing, you would do well to get this out of the way before January 20th, well ahead of the retrograde.

The Moon will be full on January 22nd, and anything you started back at the beginning of January during the New Moon has great potential to come to fruition now. The Full Moon occurs on the cusp of your 8th and 9th Houses - that is, the seeds sown in your money house now pay off in your House of joint finances and your House of long-distance travel.

Venus enters your th House on January 25th, and stays until February 17th. Personal finances, friendships, and your values are going to be stressed during this period. You may have a greater tendency to want to purchase luxury items. More money than usual is also apt to be spent on social or cultural events, as well as expenditures to enhance your appearance or the attractiveness of your environment. The issue of wealth connected to social status may arise in some form. Other considerations you may have while under this influence include joint income or the finances of a joint venture of one kind or another. Should financial matters be disrupted by disagreement, you will likely be the one to have to play the role of peace-maker.

Pluto makes his debut in your th House on January 26th and will stay for five months, until June 14th. Pluto is the planet of change, so expect some big changes during the first half of this year. That said, Pluto's influence now will last over a period of many years. It carries much depth and power of transformation but because of the length of this period's duration, you will only witness evidence of it at certain times, usually during the months when it begins (starting this month), and at various times over the next several months when other circumstances and influences occur to trigger it. Much of what takes place will depend upon the appropriateness of your age, level of maturity, and past experiences. Naturally, the more you are aware of this powerful influence and its potential, the more you will understand and be able to use it to attain personal growth and other positive goals. The nature of this influence is an increased urge to seek ultimate control and a position of greater power in specific areas of your life. The target areas during this particular period include income and material assets, as well as priorities and values. Your attitudes and understanding about what is important and what is not so important are significantly altered or completely transformed. Circumstances will force you to be totally honest about what you really want. There is no escape from this truthful revelation because it will come out one way or another. It is not within the scope of this forecast to suggest whether you will gain or suffer the loss of assets. The prevailing focus of the influence you are under is concerned with your attitudes and behavior toward wealth, and whether you are controlled by money and material assets instead of the other way around. This is the meaning of, as well as the way to attain, the true personal power or ultimate control that it is possible. Concern with the social status that accompanies wealth is apt to be an important issue-- literally and philosophically. Only the most unfavorable outcome will result if you are tempted to use money or status as a wedge to manipulate others, or if you allow yourself to be used in such a manner. This is an excellent period to learn how to conserve, invest, and increase resources. On the most mundane level, the regenerative nature of this influence indicates the potential of losing everything, starting over, and regaining what was lost and more besides.

Lastly, if you find yourself wondering why there's so many computer outages and glitches, and wondering if the world has hit an early Mercury retrograde, check it out: as of January 3, 2008, we've entered an eleven-year solar storm caused by erupting spots on the Sun. Giant blasts of solar energy will be bathing the Earth in its wake between 2008 and 2019, with peak activity in 2011 or 2012 according to's website.
These solar blasts are so strong that they can take down entire power grids, not to mention your cell phone connectivity. The plus side to such an event is that the aurora will be absolutely beautiful for those living far enough north to see the Northern Lights.

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