January, 2008

Your friendship and networking House is full this month, Pisces!

Jupiter, the good luck planet, has been in your 11th House, the House of friendship, networking, hopes and dreams, since December 19, 2007. Jupiter will remain in this placement until January 5, 2009. The increased energy and enthusiasm you are likely to feel during this transit can engender the desire to broaden the ways and means in which you make yourself happy. However, all that you do may not have fortunate consequences, or bring the immediate happiness and satisfaction you had envisioned. However, people and circumstances you encounter, the actions you take, and even things that you think are failures, may actually prove more and more providential within the twelve-year cycle of this influence that begins with this month. New friendships, as well as relationships with current friends are expanded -- and the same may be true with regard to children in your life. Membership and participation within organizations may increase or become more beneficial to you. Your success at this time is likely to come through putting a larger emphasis on the role you play in the lives of others, as well as the need for more personal freedom within those roles; as parent, lover, spouse, relative, friend, and member of society.

Saturn, the planet of Karma, went retrograde in your sector on December 20th. Saturn will remain here until May 3, 2008. Because this is a relatively long-term period, many other influences will occur that may either emphasize its effect or perhaps mask it temporarily. Other significant factors that will contribute to the way you react, and ultimately to the way things turn out, include your age, maturity, and your past experiences. This influence has as much to do with the past as it does to the present. It will force you to throw out what is wasteful and to abandon unsuccessful situations, replacing them with something more solid and useful. In the case of this particular period, the emphasis is not directly on you but on others; how you interact and deal with people, and how others tend to view you (as opposed to the image you think you project). During this transit, people may tend to view you as some sort of authority figure. They may also see you as being more austere, inflexible, or unapproachable than you may actually be. The greatest focus of this influence however, targets partnership, alliances, and joint ventures. Should you or those involved with you harbour disappointment or have seriously diverging opinions and goals, the relationship will invariably suffer at this time. It may even be terminated if compromise or agreement cannot be reached. On the other hand, a longer-lasting, more stable marriage or other alliance may emerge if difficulties are surmounted and commitments are strengthened. Marriage or partnership undertaken at this time suggests a union forged from the pressure of responsibility or as a practical matter of expediency. This rather mundane, unemotional description however is not to predict that the outcome of the association will not be successful, nor that the participants will be unable to gain some satisfaction and valuable experience as a result of such a hasty union. Legal matters are not likely to find easy or swift conclusion, and the same can be said for contract negotiations and matters related to counseling. Though gaining cooperation from others is certainly possible, it will not be granted freely, and the additional responsibilities you are required to accept in exchange may not be worth it.

The Sun moved into Capricorn in your 11th House on December 23, 2007, and will remain there until January 20, 2008. Under the present influence, you are concerned with the material rewards or the tangible recognition you receive for your efforts. You may become more aggressive in seeking greater financial compensation from your career or work in other areas. This is a period of involvement with understanding what and who you need in your life in order to be a happy, productive individual. Part of the answer is found in the roles you play in the lives of others; the satisfaction you derive from being a friend, lover, parent, child, fellow club member, social contact, or business associate. The quality of these relationships and the importance you attach to them may seem more vital. If you tend to be a loner, you may have more of a desire for the companionship of others. If you have many friends and contacts, you tend to assess your personal influence and status with them -- and as a result may become more assertive or even manipulative in these relationships. The negative potential of this transit promotes stubborn pride and arrogance; a potential you may wish to avoid, or run the risk of severely straining your relationships and organizational affiliations. The positive potential of this transit suggests situations in which you will exhibit personal generosity, integrity, and inspiring leadership.

Retrograde Mars will enter your love sector, the 4th House, on January 2nd. This retrograde lasts until the end of January. The focus of many physical activities and concerns during this period is likely to involve your personal possessions, home or domestic arrangements, family relationships, family-owned property or business, and real-estate transactions in general. Under this influence, more enthusiasm for doing things as a group may encourage more participation in family activities. You may be inspired at this time to rescue or restore heirlooms. The potential of this transit may also be described as a new beginning. If you have been thinking about a new business venture or achieving some physical goal, this is a time when you are likely to put such plans in motion. In case there are negative circumstances at work during this period, it would be a wise idea to make sure your household insurance is in effect; check your home for possible fire hazards. Watch your step to prevent falls, cuts, and others mishaps around the house, and go out of your way to avoid angry domestic scenes, especially ones you may initiate, dear Pisces.

The New Moon on January 8th shows a struggle between your love life and your friends and contacts. During this time, you may need to spend more time with your friends, and this can have an impact upon your mate, if your mate is feeling neglected. Disagreements can arise too if you become possessive of a friend or friends. There is also the potential here for jealousy, especially in dealing with female friends. This transit only lasts a couple of days, but however you handle what comes up during this transit is going to come around again by the end of the month at the Full Moon. The keyword here is balance, Pisces.

Mercury, the planet of communication, will move into your 12th House on January 9th. The 12th House is the House of subconscious mind, dreams and secrets. You may become involved with information or activities that must be kept confidential, or it may simply be a matter of not being inclined to share your thoughts or ideas with others during this transit. Gathering information about the past, or contact with people from your past is also a possibility. Messages you receive at this time may be very subtle or contain hidden meanings meant only for your understanding. Under this influence, you are encouraged to follow your intuition, get in touch with your subconscious, and pay closer attention to your dreams. Mercury is set to go retrograde by the end of the month, on January 29th. This is sure to cause all sorts of communications upsets. Be aware of how you outwardly present yourself to others - if you are being deceptive or hiding something, it could very well be found out during the Mercury retrograde. Please also be sure that any contracts or legal documents are in writing and signed by January 20th, well ahead of the Mercury retrograde, to avoid misunderstandings.

The Moon will be full on January 22nd, and anything you started back at the beginning of January has great potential to come to fruition now. The Full Moon occurs on the cusp of your 5th and 6th Houses - that is, the seeds sown in your friendship and networking House now pay off in your House of love and your House of work and health. If you handled everything well back at the New Moon around January 8, then the payoff will be a positive one.

Venus enters your friendship House on January 25th, and stays until February 17th. This is a period when you are likely to be more concerned with personal aspirations and happiness, especially the satisfaction you derive (or do not derive, as the case may be) from the role you play as spouse, child, parent, friend, lover, or associate. These are also the same people who should be the target of your efforts to coordinate activities, promote harmony, and encourage cooperation in everyday life. The social aspects of romance may also be on your agenda at this time. Under this influence, joining organizations and participation in group activities can be very rewarding.

Pluto makes his debut in your 11th House on January 26th and will stay for five months, until June 14th. Pluto is the planet of change, so expect some big changes starting during the first half of this year. That said, Pluto's influence now will last over a period of many years. It carries much depth and power of transformation but because of the length of this period's duration, you will only witness evidence of it at certain times, usually during the months when it begins (starting this month), and at various times over the next several months when other circumstances and influences occur to trigger it. Much of what takes place will depend upon the appropriateness of your age, level of maturity, and past experiences. Naturally, the more you are aware of this powerful influence and its potential, the more you will understand and be able to use it to attain personal growth and other positive goals. The nature of this influence is an increased urge to seek ultimate control and a position of greater power in specific areas of your life. During this particular period, you will become increasingly concerned with your own happiness and the recognition and rewards of your efforts. Since the focus of this influence is dedicated to total honesty, you will not be able to escape from admitting what you want and need to be happy. Altruism is fine but this is an "all or nothing" situation, and sooner or later, you will be confronted with your true motives for everything you do and especially the relationships you form. If you have a profession, you may go after greater monetary rewards. If you are a member of organisations, you may seek a more powerful position within the organisation or to use such memberships to enhance your position in other areas. You will be more involved with creating a more powerful and personally satisfying influence in the lives of others; as a parent, child, spouse, lover, friend, or associate. Past neglect of these relationships may catch up with you, and even long-term relationships will be abandoned if they fail to provide you with what you need. You may develop the tendency to manipulate or control these relationships, or to retreat from those in which you are the one that is manipulated. On the other hand, you may establish a powerful network of relationships during this period that help you become happier and more successful as an individual -- having learned the Karmic lesson that you need to be part of something outside yourself in order to really understand and control your power as an individual.

Lastly, if you find yourself wondering why there's so many computer outages and glitches, and wondering if the world has hit an early Mercury retrograde, check it out: as of January 3, 2008, we've entered an eleven-year solar storm caused by erupting spots on the Sun. Giant blasts of solar energy will be bathing the Earth in its wake between 2008 and 2019, with peak activity in 2011 or 2012 according to noaa.gov's website.
These solar blasts are so strong that they can take down entire power grids, not to mention your cell phone connectivity. The plus side to such an event is that the aurora will be absolutely beautiful for those living far enough north to see the Northern Lights.

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