January, 2008

This is going to be a very interesting month for you, Leo. Several planets have taken up residence for a time in your 6th House, the House of work, health and diet.

Jupiter, the good luck planet, has been in your 6th House since December 19, 2007, and will remain there until January 5, 2009. What this means is that the nature and scope of your work and daily responsibilities will expand during this period. Your work may require more travel or advanced training becomes necessary. You may hire others to work for you at this time, and your relationships with co-workers is expanded or increased in one way or another. There is a possibility (which you may want to avoid) that you will be tempted to inflate the importance of your job, or become overly impressed with your performance of required tasks-- an impression that may not necessarily be shared by others. Though there is certainly an excellent chance that your work will be recognized and handsomely rewarded, it would be a mistake to take your job or any aspect of it for granted. The potential of this period also includes taking in a pet or increasing your activities involving a pet or the breeding of such animals. Though there is no guarantee you will actually pursue it, your interest concerning health and physical fitness may increase. There is an idea that your physical health will be protected under this influence, but this is not to be relied upon since it is more likely that you will take your health too much for granted. One potential that may be more applicable in this respect is that if circumstances require you to seek medical care or advice, you may be fortunate to find excellent physicians or other professionals to help you.

Saturn, the planet of Karma, went retrograde in your financial sector on December 20th. Saturn will remain here until May 3, 2008. Because this is a relatively long-term period, many other influences will occur that may either emphasize its effect or perhaps mask it temporarily. Other significant factors that will contribute to the way you react, and ultimately to the way things turn out, include your age, maturity, and your past experiences. This influence has as much to do with the past as it does to the present. It will force you to throw out what is wasteful and to abandon unsuccessful situations, replacing them with something more solid and useful. In the case of this particular period, it means you may be constantly confronted with your values, priorities, and material assets. There is no doubt that you will begin to question your values. You will have to deal with what you want in life versus what you do not want. Additional responsibilities will probably require additional expenditures at this time, but for the most part, this influence does not necessarily imply either the gain or the loss of monetary assets since that is not the real issue. What is important is confronting the consequences of how you handle income and assets, and the consequences of either having placed too much emphasis on money and material assets, or having wasted or irresponsibly managed them. The results of using money as the means to escape other responsibilities is also likely to be felt during this transit. If you have neglected relationships, you may be threatened with their loss. The same threat extends to anything you value. You are not likely to be the lucky beneficiary of an unexpected or undeserved windfall; for example, if your income increases during this period, it is because you earned it. The highest reward for correct actions during this transit is your emergence as a more successful individual who is better prepared to handle finances. Even more importantly, you'll have clearly established priorities and unassailable values.

The Sun moved into Capricorn in your 6th House on December 23, 2007, and will remain there until January 20, 2008. Increased concern with employment from the point of view of your ego involvement makes this a good time to examine what does or does not motivate you to work. Do you take pride in efficiently carrying out tasks and daily responsibilities? Does whether you work for yourself or for someone else make a difference in your attitude? During this period you are more aware of your personal status and influence with those who work for or with you. The negative potential includes a tendency to be ruled by stubborn pride and the need to assert yourself when it comes to how and when you wish to perform your work duties. You may have a larger awareness of your own vitality, and in consequence, your own mortality. In turn, this may prompt greater concern with the state of your general health and enthusiasm for proper diet and physical fitness.

Retrograde Mars will enter your 11th House, the House of friendship and networking, hopes and wishes, on January 2nd. This retrograde lasts until the end of January. The most likely targets of your energetic efforts during this transit include friends, organizations, and children, especially those who are not your biological offspring but for whom you may have responsibility in one way or another. Under this influence, activities in general are apt to lead away from you as an individual and involve the role you play in the lives of others; as parent, lover, friend, spouse, or club member. Your schedule may become overloaded and nothing gets accomplished, making it necessary for you to place some restraints on the number of activities and people you decide to accommodate. The energizing effect of the present influence can make you more aggressive toward others, and to lose patience when things become too hectic or they don't proceed as planned. You may also be concerned with what is or is not making you happy. Such concern is likely to go beyond the stage of just thinking about it. You may actually go after what you want, or get rid of what you don't want. Remember to keep your head this month, dear Leo. Your friends and contacts are not likely to forget your actions should a dramatic blowup occur.

The New Moon on January 8th shows a struggle between your 6th and 12th Houses - that is, your work, health and diet sector vs. your subconscious mind, dreams and secrets sector. You are prone to look after your immediate needs rather than your emotional needs at this time. Beware of passive-aggressive tendencies, or stuffing your emotions - try to just speak your mind, let it out, allow people to know when you need them.

Mercury, the planet of communication, will move into your 7th House on January 9th. The 7th House is the House of relationship/commitment, marriage and business partnership. The focus of your ideas and discussions during this transit is likely to concern lawyers and legal matters, debates, contract negotiations, partnership or other alliances, and joint ventures of any kind. This is a good time to have a discussion with your mate concerning any rough spots you two may be having. Mercury's influence lends more of an objective viewpoint, which is beneficial during a serious talk with your love mate.
There is increased potential under this influence for meeting with various consultants and for sharing spontaneous conversations with retail clerks, bank tellers, those waiting in line with you at the supermarket, and other people you happen to meet. If the opportunity arises to sign a legal contract this month, the b est times to do so would be between January 9th and January 20th. Don't get too comfy with Mercury's placement, however, because Mercury will go retrograde by the end of the month, on January 29th. This is sure to cause all sorts of communications upsets between you and your mate and/or your business associates. Mercury will be retrograde until February 19th. If at all possible, refrain from entering into any contracts or agreements between January 2th and February 21st, on each side of and during the retrograde.

The Moon will be full on January 22nd, and anything you started back at the beginning of January has great potential to come to fruition now. The Full Moon occurs on the cusp of your 12th and 1st Houses - that is, the seeds sown in your 6th house of work, health and diet on January 8th now pay off in regards to your inner Self as well as your outer Self, achieving perfect balance if things go right.

Venus enters your 6th House on January 25th, and stays until February 17th. It's time to put some harmony into your working environment! Even if current circumstances are such that a harmonious environment would be the last thing on your mind, it is nevertheless a good idea to promote cordial relationships with those who work for or with you. Under this influence, an office romance or social events connected with co-workers may be in the works. Beautifying the work place is another consideration or activity that may occur; efforts may include anything from major renovation and redecoration projects to just putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls, installing background music, and adding plants or art work to brighten up the surroundings. This is also a time when you are likely to begin a new diet and physical fitness program, or have desire to undergo other personal physical enhancements such as beauty treatments, a new hair style, dental work, or cosmetic surgery.

Pluto makes his debut in your 6th House on January 26th and will stay for five months, until June 14th. Pluto is the planet of change, so expect some big changes during the first half of this year, especially in your workplace. Pluto's influence now will last over a period of many years. It carries much depth and power of transformation but because of the length of this period's duration, you will only witness evidence of it at certain times, usually during the months when it begins (starting this month), and at various times over the next several months when other circumstances and influences occur to trigger it. Much of what takes place will depend upon the appropriateness of your age, level of maturity, and past experiences. Naturally, the more you are aware of this powerful influence and its potential, the more you will understand and be able to use it to attain personal growth and other positive goals. The nature of this influence is an increased urge to seek ultimate control and a position of greater power in specific areas of your life. Events or people during this particular period may have a powerful impact on your work and responsibilities. By choice or circumstances, your attitude toward work and daily responsibilities becomes more intense and serious. You may develop an increasing need to have some control or influence over your work which may or may not extend to your working environment. As a result, power struggles occur with those who work for or with you. Because this transit is so long, it would not be unusual for your job and responsibilities to change. Certain tasks that come your way as a result of this influence may involve renovation and repair, breeding of animals, conservation and distribution of resources, research and development, or investigative projects. No matter what your job may be, however, one of the issues you must confront involves your willingness to be of service to others. This issue may come up because it is the nature of your job itself, or it may involve your general willingness to extend your efforts and energy in the service to others. Another major transformation during this long phase concerns your past actions and attitude toward health and physical fitness. If you have been neglectful or abusive in these areas, it is not unlikely that you will suffer the consequences by slowly developing appropriate physical complaints. Even if past abuse has not been the case or physical complaints do not arise, you will (or should) seek to gain greater control over your body through proper diet and exercise as well as through preventative medical attention and check-ups.

Lastly, if you find yourself wondering why there's so many computer outages and glitches, and wondering if the world has hit an early Mercury retrograde, check it out: as of January 3, 2008, we've entered an eleven-year solar storm caused by erupting spots on the Sun. Giant blasts of solar energy will be bathing the Earth in its wake between 2008 and 2019, with peak activity in 2011 or 2012 according to noaa.gov's website.
These solar blasts are so strong that they can take down entire power grids, not to mention your cell phone connectivity. The plus side to such an event is that the aurora will be absolutely beautiful for those living far enough north to see the Northern Lights.

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